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    Xinjiang Uighurregion : This is a land of extreme temperature differences, with winters dropping to -30°C, and summers rising to almost 30°C.


    The goats raised in these natural surrounds are given the very best in livestock feed and are treated as part of the family. The goats hold high quantities of fat, which combined with the extremely fine and soft hair on the goats helps envelop their bodies in a warm air to help the goats persevere the extreme cold of winter.


    This goat hair is the raw material used in HERCLE cashmere knitwear. It is an extremely rare form of goat hair – with only 40 to 50 grams extracted from every goat – that is also used by the major fashion brands. This goat hair is acquired independently and prepared with meticulous care.








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    Cashmere thread found in fast fashion cashmere knitwear uses an extremely thick yarn formed from hair bristle and split ends from the goat. In contrast, the HERCLE cashmere thread is extremely delicate and soft to the touch, derived from the inner layer of goat hair which contains large quantities of fat.


    This goat hair measures just 14.1μ, or 0.0141 mm in diameter, one-third the thickness of human hair (40~50μ, or 0.04 ~ 0.05 mm in diameter).

    This fine cashmere thread provides a unique light-weight, exquisitely refined touch. Achieving the highest standard of quality in terms of comfort, lightness and moisture retention, HERCLE cashmere knitwear can be worn even on bare skin without a hint of prickling.








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