AYA JEAN x HERCLE is a high quality cashmere brand tailored to business executives who like to remain in peak physical condition in an ongoing quest for self-improvement.


    Executives on the front line leading the way in business pursue the best behind the scenes, often taking on a rigorous training regime that hones physical and mental toughness and results in a beautiful figure. The AYA JEAN x HERCLE project began out of a desire to produce a comfortable line of apparel that these executives would want to keep coming back to. With this in mind, we pursued a unique silhouette that best matched the lifestyle and figure of these executives.


    AYA JEAN x HERCLE(ハークル)は、身体を鍛え自己研鑚を怠らないビジネスエグゼクティブの声から生まれた高品質カシミヤブランドです。




  • A unique silhouette



    *HERCLE (right)

    HERCLE cashmere knitwear provides an outstanding fit that does not restrict movement or otherwise constrain or apply stress to the wearer. Extensive testing was performed to achieve the perfect length for the shoulders, arms and sleeves to show a physically fit body frame at its best. Enjoy a comfortable feel while accentuating your chest line. Also gives the area around the abdomen a neat appearance as it tends to loosen with age.


    *Ready-made product (left)

    It often to be overly long and baggy around the arms and waist when fit to the shoulders. Wearing a jacket on top feels bulky.


    *AYA x HERCLE(右側)

    AYA JEAN x HERCLEのカシミヤニットはフィット感があるにも関わらず、身体にストレスをかけず窮屈感や動きを制限しません。鍛えている身体に美しく沿うよう肩、腕、袖を着丈においても程よい長さを研究しました。胸板を美しく魅せながら、快適な着心地を楽しめます。さらに、年齢が増すとともに緩みがちなお腹周りもスッキリと見せられます。





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